Hydraulic Doors

Dervisis Bros maintains a partnership with Greece with some of Europe’s largest companies in mechanical lifting for vehicles such as Dhollandia, Palfinger, Bar, Dautel. The result of the quality value of the lifting mechanisms we place is their application to various companies, private companies, the Hellenic Army, ELTA, the Municipality of Athens, etc.
Hydraulic doors fall into two categories:

Their characteristics are as follows:

Absolutely fitting to any vehicle with open or closed bodywork.

  • Dimensional lightweight alloy platform as required by the professional.
  • Manufacturing according to EU standards and CE certificate.
  • Lifting capacity from 500 – 3000 Kg.
  • Possibility of simple or split wrap, drawer or even with retractable built-in for small projections.
  • Internal folding mechanisms for VAN use.
  • Special lifting mechanisms for submersible or sliding applications.
  • Mixed joint lifting platforms up to 3 meters long, for loading and unloading of bicycles and vehicles at different levels in the vehicle.
  • Double controls and safety mechanisms.
  • Easy operation and minimal maintenance.
  • Large spare parts stock.