Truck Floor

In the context of technological innovation, our company is the first in the Greek market to manufacture and install a complete aluminum floor. This floor is ATP certified for the FRC (-20C) classes by the National Technical University of Athens.
The floor of the vehicle is skillfully fitted with a high quality one-piece aluminum foil (to the dimensions of the chamber you desire) that thanks to its cracked surface offers non-slip action.
The aluminum floor, along with the inner protective cover around the chamber, are welded by pulsed aluminum to ensure high strength and complete insulation in the chamber from possible penetration of water into the chamber. Finally, this type of flooring is very easy to wash and clean.

Polyester floor

Dervisis Bros. offers two types of polyester flooring:

  • Non-slip surface
    Smooth surface
  • In the first case, the floor is shaped like quartz anti-friction. The purpose of the construction is to facilitate the passage of an air carrier for loading and unloading of goods.

Smooth flooring suits vehicles that carry e.g. dairy products, furniture etc.

The polyester floors are made in 3 colors (Red, Blue, Gray) depending on the products carried by the BC vehicle. meats, fish, fruits, packaged foods.

Cleaning and washing polyester floors is just as easy.