A. & I. Dervisis (G.P.) has a partnership with the Italian company FURGOKIT to construct aluminium closed bodies that are used in a broad range of generic and special transportation, like clothing, furniture etc…
The constructs cover all required dimensions to meet the needs of the client.

The materials used are of the highest quality, guaranteeing a solid but lightweight build. Since aluminium closed bodies have no welded parts, the cost of repair is especially low. The materials used are all made of aluminium and INOX and as a result are highly resistant to corrosion.

Our partnership with the Italian company OLIMPUS allows us to construct isothermal closed bodies that meet ATP standards for the transportation of perishable products like:

  • Bakery products
  • Bottled water
  • Dry nuts

  • Non-perishable packaged foodstuff

  • Flowers – plants etc…

Custom Builds
A. & I. Dervisis (G.P.) designs and manufactures custom builds at the request of each professional, like:

  • Soundproof bodies for mobile news crews
  • Antiparasite cages
  • Mobile galleries
  • Mobile medical units
  • Bodies for the transportation of vehicles on two levels
  • Mobile flooring
  • Hydraulic systems for every type of body