Isothermal Truck Bodies

Full sandwich type aluminium panels are used for construction. The polyester sheets are coated with 3 mm thick fiberglass for assured resistance. The insulation is high endurance polyurethane of special weight 45 kg/sqrm.
Modern aluminium frames are placed on the outside, along the sides of the body, each 3m long and in accordance to traffic laws. The frame of the body is modified with aluminium sheets to install the rear doors. After welding, the frame is coated and painted with electrostatic paint.
The flooring is covered with specialy processed anti slip sheets 20mm thick or shipping sheets with three layers of fiberglass for protection during cleaning.
The manufacture of the isothermal truck body (box) meets the FNA standards for ATP. The stainless shutters and hinges are imported. The side walls of the body are reinforced where binders will be placed as well as the protective aluminium panel on the side.