Solutions for Trucks by Professional

The isothermal panels used in the assembly of bodies are manufactured completely in our facilities. We use polyester leaves (2mm thick with special weight of 2800gr/sqrm) in all panels, that are welded using subpressure at 6 bar.
On the inside high density polyurethane (45 kg/sqrm) is placed. Between the polyurethane and the polyester sheets two high density fiberglass (750 gr/sqrm) layers are installed, reinforced in liquid polyester. The flooring bears strips of beech wood. The strips are coated with fiberglass and polyester to create a single body with the rest of the materials. High density polyurethane (45 kg/sqrm) is installed between the strips.

During the manufacture of the polyester flooring drains are created in the front and rear of the body with stainless grills and valves to withhold water. Gathering sinks are also installed for the same purpose. A rear frame is installed, manufactured from AISI 304 INOX 2 or 3 mm thick (depending on dimensions) reinforced with metallic straps in the corners to protect against fractures due to
harsh turns and difficult terrain. Quartz nuggets provide anti-friction properties to the polyester flooring. This is done in order to facilitate the passage of a palletiser for loading and unloading of merchandise. The roof of the body can be modified for future use of a partition wall.
Custom builds and modifications of existing refrigerators:

  • Manufacture of refrigerators for ships
  • Manufacture of fixed refrigerators
  • Sliding and reclining isothermal partition walls
  • Manufacture and installation of stainless body accessories