Meat Transfer

Our company can provide any system that best meets your needs for meat transport (Italian, German, slaughterhouse, track – rail). Slaughterhouse  staples, fixed or detachable, can be customized and galvanized or stainless steel can be manufactured.

  • Slaughterhouse (Euro Rails):

These are usually round, galvanized rails, 50 or 60 mm in diameter, mainly used in the meat processing industry. They are mechanically loaded by coupling the rails on the trailer to those mounted on the treatment unit. The main advantage of this type is that the goods pass directly from the factory to the refrigerated vehicle and vice versa.

  • Italian Type:

This manufacture has return rails as well as rails that the product hangs to store hooks. The system comprises 5 rails and the number of hooks depends on the length of the cooling chamber. These are mostly used for hanging beef.

  • Horizontal stable hooks:

They are useful for hanging lighter pieces of meat as well as for utilizing the rest of the freezer compartment.

  • Aluminum meat lines for refrigerated truck body:

The refrigerator truck aluminum line system consists of a straight bi-rail double profile line, as well as all the necessary components of the support structure and intersections.

It is made of special high-strength aluminum corrosion resistant alloy.

The truck’s aluminum lines can be connected to the building’s double- profile line system with the help of a telescopic arm, for easier movement of meat without the need to reload it.