Solutions for Van by Professional

The isothermal insulation is manufactured completely in our facilities. The 40mm thick Sandwich type panels are shaped by thermal pressing machines into moulds created for every vehicle type. The panels are then fitted with precision in the inside of the body.

The highly resistant polyester flooring gains anti-friction properties with the use of quartz nuggets to facilitate for the passage of a palletiser. The floor is elevated 20mm at the doors to withhold water and is enhanced with INOX steel sheets to further reinforce the edges against damage during loading and unloading of merchandise.
The doors are fitted with NOVOPLAST moulded isothermal insulation allowing the use of the handlebars and shutters.

Closed Bodies Insulation (Vans) Heavy type polyurethane (50 kg/m3) is used for improved use of the available space. Two drains with valves are created to remove water during cleaning. At the same time, the roof is modified to install the cooling unit along with the internal grooves for its piping. This way, a perfectly waterproof environment is created that facilitates the cleaning of the